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Below you will find a searchable list of all current and archived obituaries/death notices.  Recent deaths are listed first, but you may also sort by "Last Name" or Lynch & Sons "Location."  Obituaries are archived after two weeks.

Each decedent page will allow for sharing condolences, sending flowers, getting directions to our funeral homes and viewing commemorative media.

Last Name Location

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UserId NameDate of DeathLocation
3229Eileen Caroline Marie Withun11/22/2014Oxford
3228Barnardo T. Wilhite11/19/2014Walled Lake
3227Edward James Zaidell11/17/2014Walled Lake
3225Robert D. Lines11/15/2014Oxford
3226Sharon Kay VanSickle11/15/2014Walled Lake
3224Russell Brian Taddiken11/14/2014Oxford
3222Carrie Ann Bonesteel11/12/2014Lapeer
3223Olive May Cobb11/12/2014Walled Lake
3221Amy Elizabeth Saincome11/10/2014Walled Lake
3217Nancy Carol Steiner11/09/2014Lapeer
3218Sharon Ann Truax11/08/2014Lapeer
3220Jacob Michael Hershberger11/08/2014Walled Lake
3216Rebecca Ann Leitch11/07/2014Lapeer
3219Robert Lee Grewing11/07/2014Walled Lake
3214Modra Klotschko11/04/2014Oxford
3215Robert K. Monro11/04/2014Walled Lake
3213Dean Forrest Wheeler11/03/2014Walled Lake
3211Patricia N. White11/02/2014Walled Lake
3212Julia May Combs11/02/2014Walled Lake
3210Jeanne Olson11/01/2014Walled Lake
3209Margaret Laura Maher10/31/2014Walled Lake
3207Catherine Jean Newton10/30/2014Lapeer
3206Betty J. Proctor10/28/2014Walled Lake
3203David Clarence Walsh10/28/2014Lapeer
3204Robert Callesen10/27/2014Lapeer
3205Deborah A. Metcalf10/27/2014Walled Lake
3202Anna Marie Smith10/27/2014Oxford
3201Rebecca Jane Shelton10/26/2014Walled Lake
3200Jane A. Pietrykowski10/25/2014Lapeer

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