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Below you will find a searchable list of all current and archived obituaries/death notices.  Recent deaths are listed first, but you may also sort by "Last Name" or Lynch & Sons "Location."  Obituaries are archived after two weeks.

Each decedent page will allow for sharing condolences, sending flowers, getting directions to our funeral homes and viewing commemorative media.

Last Name Location

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UserId NameDate of DeathLocation
3443Canan Arnold05/23/2015Walled Lake
3441Dorothy Ann Arbour05/21/2015Walled Lake
3442Calvin Lee Merillat05/21/2015Lapeer
3438David J. Richards05/20/2015Oxford
3439Elvira Dropiewski05/20/2015Walled Lake
3440Dean "Clark" Gordon05/20/2015Walled Lake
3433Marie Maloney05/15/2015Walled Lake
3434Pauline Almeda Harris05/15/2015Oxford
3435Marilyn Eileen Caddell05/15/2015Walled Lake
3436William John Loomans05/15/2015Walled Lake
3437Mitchell E. Harris05/15/2015Walled Lake
3432Charlie Dearald Rhine05/14/2015Walled Lake
3430Jean E. Pike05/10/2015Oxford
3427Cora La Joie05/09/2015Oxford
3428Andrzej Kwak05/09/2015Walled Lake
3429Alyce Kay Hopeck05/09/2015Walled Lake
3424Gertrude Atwood05/08/2015Lapeer
3425Corazon Gregorio Zafra05/08/2015Walled Lake
3426Martin Lareau States05/08/2015Lapeer
3423Rhondda Helen Bosanquet05/05/2015Walled Lake
3421Edward "Tony" Marshall05/04/2015Walled Lake
3422Leola Virginia Bryan05/04/2015Walled Lake
3420Nathan Wayne Jostock05/03/2015Lapeer
3419Fred Watkins05/01/2015Walled Lake
3415Barbara Pace04/29/2015Oxford
3418C. Mike Theis04/28/2015Oxford
3414Austin Phillip Ball04/28/2015Oxford
3412Thomas Carl Worden04/25/2015Walled Lake
3411Norma Allyne Derderian04/24/2015Walled Lake
3410Madeline Helen Freestone04/23/2015Walled Lake
3417Christopher John Paul04/22/2015Walled Lake
3416Eleanor Ann Cooper04/18/2015Walled Lake

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