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Below you will find a searchable list of all current and archived obituaries/death notices.  Recent deaths are listed first, but you may also sort by "Last Name" or Lynch & Sons "Location."  Obituaries are archived after two weeks.

Each decedent page will allow for sharing condolences, sending flowers, getting directions to our funeral homes and viewing commemorative media.

Last Name Location

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UserId NameDate of DeathLocation
3317Florence K. Bates01/30/2015Lapeer
3318K. Florence Nebo01/30/2015Walled Lake
3319Lorraine A. Filipiak01/30/2015Lapeer
3315Mary Marjorie Norman01/29/2015Walled Lake
3314Merry Lynn Willoughby01/26/2015Lapeer
3312James Nelson Strauch01/26/2015Walled Lake
3313Judith Dawn Flansburg01/24/2015Lapeer
3311Robert C. Slayton01/24/2015Walled Lake
3309Pamela J. Alden01/23/2015Walled Lake
3310Eleanor "Elli" Skibowski01/22/2015Oxford
3308Glenda Louise Bizzotto01/20/2015Oxford
3307Richard C. Truax01/19/2015Lapeer
3305Rocky L. Lane01/18/2015Oxford
3306John Symington Brown01/18/2015Walled Lake
3304Annette Rochelle Ford01/17/2015Walled Lake
3301Richard H. Brim01/16/2015Lapeer
3303Dolores Joan Kelley01/16/2015Walled Lake
3302Dolores Wanda Thorburn01/15/2015Walled Lake
3300Raymond M. Lindecker01/14/2015Lapeer
3299Odus Eugene Spencer01/12/2015Walled Lake
3298Mary Bremer01/11/2015Oxford
3296Orin Charles "Sonny" Sutton01/09/2015Walled Lake
3297Thomas A. Urbin01/09/2015Oxford
3294Ruth Cox01/08/2015Oxford
3293Christina Rosemary Michon01/07/2015Walled Lake
3291James B. Jackson01/07/2015Walled Lake
3292Adele Mary Harvey01/06/2015Oxford
3289Regina Keefer01/06/2015Oxford
3290Gary Norman Bishop01/06/2015Oxford
3295Emma Juliana Thomson01/06/2015Walled Lake
3285Romeo R. Benvenuti01/05/2015Lapeer
3287Joyce M. Morey01/05/2015Lapeer
3288Brandon William Cleere01/04/2015Walled Lake
3282Helen B. McNeil01/04/2015Oxford
3283Randi Allison01/04/2015Oxford
3284Dorine O. Cardinell01/04/2015Lapeer
3280Gerald Joseph Kuchera01/03/2015Walled Lake
3281Diane S. Immell01/03/2015Oxford
3277Danny M. Cooley01/02/2015Lapeer
3286Maris M. Marley12/31/2014Walled Lake

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